3 Key Reasons Kalamazoo Crossings Retail Center is the Next Hot Market

Kalamazoo is at a turning point where the spark of placemaking is igniting “hot new market” neighborhoods that fuel the city’s urban core.
Good-quality, dense neighborhoods surround emerging suburban business districts like Kalamazoo Crossings. This 21,000 square-foot neighborhood shopping center offers suites for lease from 1,000 square feet up to 6,500 square feet. The concentration of the #1 population density, #1 household income, and the #3 busiest traffic intersection are bellwethers that define Kalamazoo Crossings as the next big thing.
Placemaking is a multi-faceted approach to the planning, design, and management of public spaces centered around residents and their community. Simply put, it is the successful integration between people, local businesses, and the community they share. Creating a common vision with your community starts with selecting an appropriate business location. Finding a location that is duly suited for you, your customers, your employees, and your strategic partners will help you to create the most effective marketing mix for business growth and long-term success.
Healthy suburban neighborhoods in Kalamazoo foster an opportunity for local businesses, offering access to a smaller, yet stronger, target market for potential customer recruiting. Kalamazoo neighborhoods like Winchell, Milwood, and Westnedge Hill, together, cover over 20% of Kalamazoo’s population (72,000) living within a 2-mile radius of Kalamazoo Crossings. The majority of residents (15.8%) are between ages 25-34, 12.4% between ages 35-44, and 12.3% between ages 45-54. A younger populated community indicates that the majority is well-trained and well-educated. What has stimulated the community’s younger population is the number of retained graduates coming from Kalamazoo’s collection of respected universities and colleges, including Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo Valley Community College, and Kalamazoo College. Through these schools, in addition to the Kalamazoo Promise program fueling a college-going community, residents and their children have easier access to a post-educational future, while businesses in the community have easier access to top recruits.
Aside from education levels, these neighborhoods reach the most affluent and influential people of Kalamazoo, in terms of income, that will help your business to better target and retain customers. Median household incomes within a 5-mile radius of suburban neighborhoods, Winchell, Milwood, and Westnedge Hill, vary up to $76,250, with an average household income of $52,636 living within a 1-mile radius. Compared to Michigan’s median household income of $48,471 and the nation’s median of $53,046, income statistics for Kalamazoo’s suburban community reflect a strong customer base. There is great potential for having a suburban business site here, giving you a competitive edge over your urban-based competitors.
Reflecting not only good-quality demographics, but high traffic volume sets apart the suburbs from the urban core of Kalamazoo as the next hot market for new business. Kalamazoo’s major artery, stretching north and south, runs directly through this targeted area, giving business districts like Kalamazoo Crossings an advantage over business exposure and customer retention. With a storefront facing a primary road, your business’ increased visibility, accessibility, convenience, and comfort can help drive traffic flow into cash flow. Signage is also a highly visible component for your business. At a business site with high traffic volume, signage is essential for attracting customers and motivating impulsive buyers. “A study conducted by the U.S. Small Business Administration estimated that approximately 50% of people were encouraged to visit the business for the first time through signage. Nearly all of these visits were impulsive.”

Grow your business in a placemaking community, a place that encourages you to integrate with your community. The suburban community surrounding Kalamazoo Crossings offers a great site for your business with placemaking potential.