45,000 Reasons to Locate your Business at Kalamazoo Crossings

“Impulse purchasing accounts for 40% of consumer spending [60% in the grocery & convenience industry].”
What leads to an impulsive purchase is a psychological decision that can be influenced by the visibility and accessibility of a business. Any business selling a product that can be purchased to satisfy a customer’s immediate desire needs a location with maximized visibility and accessibility, as well as high AADTs (annual average daily traffic). With their destination in mind, quite often customers initiate an impulsive purchase, like coffee on their morning commute, but more so if the business they want to visit can be sited in their path.
Predominant roads, like South Westnedge Avenue and East Cork Street, produce high traffic counts by carrying commuters to and from their homes, jobs, and stores daily, which allows for a business location on either road to be feasible. Retailers also benefit from features like the lengthy stretch of road leaving Westnedge Hill and the intersection at Whites Road, because they enhance storefront visibility and give travelers time to visualize how to conveniently and safely access their business.
The secret to exposure, free advertising, and higher foot traffic for your business is simply found in location. However, all of these components won’t mean a thing if your location is without a decent traffic count. You can easily turn traffic flow into cash flow by locating your business in more active territory. Main routes in Kalamazoo provide a steady stream of potential customers, forming a viable location for your business.
South Westnedge Avenue is the primary north-south corridor that carries Kalamazoo’s working and shopping population between Kalamazoo, Portage, and the greater metro area, which funnels in from I-94 east and west. Whites/Parkview/East Cork Street (one continuous street) is the only direct route from east to west in Kalamazoo.
“By locating Kalamazoo Crossings shopping center at the intersection of Westnedge and Whites, we’ve captured the two primary travel corridors of Kalamazoo and Portage at their nexus,” stated leasing agent, Jay Eichstaedt. “The intersection at Whites Road and Westnedge Avenue is the third busiest of ten counties, carrying 45,000 vehicles per day.”
One of Kalamazoo’s busiest roads, South Westnedge Avenue, is a major artery to Kalamazoo’s local neighborhoods and amenities. Going north, Westnedge will take you right into the heart of downtown Kalamazoo, and going south, will direct you to I-94, the central business district of Portage, and Crossroads Mall. Having your storefront facing a major roadway like this, with a high traffic count and continuous traffic flow, will give you the exposure you need to gain a competitive edge. A location along Westnedge can be used as a tool for advertising, allowing your business to attract customers coming and going from Kalamazoo, drawing them in before ever noticing your urban-based competitors.
Consider how traffic volume is relevant to your business. Kalamazoo’s major roadways will make it easy for you to increase your customer base. In turn, it will allow customers to locate you, distinguish you from your competitors, and visit you on their way to and from their initial destinations. Kalamazoo Crossings is perfectly positioned at the intersection of two of Kalamazoo’s major roadways. Occupancy is filling up, but there are still a few spaces available. Contact us today to learn more.