A Healthy Place to Grow Your Business

“Communities are encouraging the development of cultural amenities as a strategy for improving quality of life, attracting and retaining productive workers [as well as customers], and promoting urban revitalization.”
Center for Creative Community Development

All the research suggests that an inviting community where cultural and social amenities are offered may yield the greatest return for you. When seeking the best possible location for your business and your customers, the character of the community may be the most influential, and essentially have the most impact on your bottom line.

Public Libraries

A key cultural amenity located in the heart of Portage City Centre is the Portage District Library. “Brain power is the new currency of success in the 21st century,” Julian Castro, Mayor of San Antonio, Texas. The Portage District Library is connecting small business with resources that will help them grow and thrive. Serving economic engines for downtown and neighborhood development by building branch libraries can attract and retain people and additional developments.

Parks & Recreation

Imagine what a more functional, more enjoyable work environment you would have with positive and more productive workers. Or imagine how much healthier and energized your staff would be if they were offered organic health benefits, like access to parks, trails, and other recreational opportunities near their workplace, year-round. Health-promoting communities reflect positively on your employees as well as your customers, influencing them to stay and linger, and motivate them to return.

Across Portage and Southwest Michigan, healthful and socially appealing activities flood the inner-communities, allowing people living, working, and growing here to adopt healthier lifestyles. Create a healthy, positive workplace and lifestyle for your business in the lively, downtown-like Portage, Michigan location, Portage Centre Plaza. This location rests within an inviting healthy urban community next to good-quality neighborhoods and schools, and near a significantly wide range of local and regional year-round recreation. Health-trending retailers, Anytime Fitness and Y’opa Frozen Yogurt, have already established a health-driven market to this location. In lieu of attracting and retaining loyal customers, this location places your business close to top talent and your workforce on the path to a healthy lifestyle.

Portage Creek Bicentennial Trail, Celery Flats, and Millennium Park are just a few among a growing number of recreational offering in this community. Glance at our highlighted list of activities and recreation offered locally and across Southwest Michigan in our latest blog post. For a complete list of parks and recreation opportunities offered in the city of Portage, visit

Portage City Centre exemplifies how the cultural center has been a generator of economic development. From Portage Centre Plaza, heading west on West Centre Avenue, you’ll find a strong, healthy, sustainable business corridor.