Ample Access Draws Customers and Retailers

With more retail alternatives than ever before, including online shopping, finding the perfect retail space for your business is much more complex. However, it essentially comes down to what the customer wants, a quick-and-easy shopping excursion.
Retailers and service businesses that deal with customers directly value a “customer-centric” location, designed to attract customers. In today’s world, customers are seeking convenience over cost.
Sought after by your target market are more accessible, more convenient shopping options, like centers: West Century Center and 308 North Drake Road.

How accessible your business location is may render its ability to attract customers. Convenience, in and of itself, factors into how quickly and safely it is to enter and exit a business (ingress and egress), and in doing so, impacts customer retention. Accessibility at West Century Center and 308 North Drake Road set the bar for a great business location.
Pairing accessibility measures with visibility off the common cross roads of West Main Street and North Drake Road is what sets these two sites apart from other locations.
Having a business site near a point of reference (like an intersection) creates a visual and cognitive trigger, which acts as a marker for customers returning to the area to visit your business. With your business in mind, customers tend to plan ahead how to execute the smoothest, quickest, and safest entry route before reaching your business site (especially when traffic flow is constant and up to 68,000 VPD). At West Century Center, there are 4 points of ingress, and at 308 North Drake Road, 4 points of ingress. This presents ample access from any direction, thereby averting frustration and stress upon entry for our tenants and their customers.
This retail location was designed with not only the tenants in mind, but their customers as well.
For potential customers who may not know about your business until they pass by your location, easy access is essential. Accessibility is paramount to convenience. What increases the ease of accessibility is convenience, which by definition is intended to save customers time, effort, and energy. West Century Center and 308 North Drake Road were developed to enhance accessibility while supporting West Main Street and North Drake Road traffic flow, offering more convenient ingress and egress outlets and adequate parking.