Available for Destination Businesses

“Traditionally, people market to their local area, within a 15 minute drive. The problem is that in today’s economy, you need more [exposure].”
Whether you’re a grocery store, a restaurant, a retailer, or a professional office, your business is either a destination or a location. Traditionally, location-dependent businesses market to a 5-15 mile radius, while a destination-grocer, -restaurant, -retailer, or -office can pull consumers 30, 50, or more miles away. Those businesses that have pioneered an original idea, service, atmosphere, or concept give people a reason – or an appreciation – to seek them out, despite their location.
Note: Not all destination businesses are found “off-the-beaten-path,” away from high-end businesses and busy streets, upscale neighborhood shopping centers and bustling downtowns. In fact, destination retailers attract and foster a healthy build-up of traditional retail around them. The West Main Street-North Drake Road location, in the heart of urban activity, is readily available for the next destination business.
West Century Center and 308 North Drake Road are located at the epicenter of Kalamazoo’s #1 retail corridor, which provides a strong regional draw of destination retailers, like Lowe’s, Kohl’s, Hobby Lobby, Marshalls, and DSW, among others. Further, take into account, this location will fulfill your site criteria if you are location-dependent as well, for it is sitting on the corner with the highest traffic count in Southwest Michigan, measured at 68,000 vehicles per day. This will have the additional benefit of creating further exposure for your business in the local area
The ultimate benefit of moving to either commercial parcel, West Century Center or 308 North Drake Road, is having an easily reachable and recognizable location. By positioning your business near the corner of West Main Street and North Drake Road, you will enhance your business’ visibility and accessibility, bringing convenience to both your customer base and your employees. The advantages of locating at either West Century Center or 308 North Drake Road also include:

Ample access from any direction (4 points of ingress and egress at both sites); a controlled traffic light nearby; a central location among good-quality neighborhoods, an elite university, and other reputable colleges; close proximity to Downtown Kalamazoo and US-131; and nearby a collective mix of popular retailers and services along West Main Street.

Whether you plan to open your first store or your tenth, as a destination business you have the opportunity to grow in a fundamentally sound regional retail location. The highlights listed above are proven beneficial for this location, largely and statistically in vehicles-per-day. For travelers and residents, West Main Street and North Drake Road are favored for their convenience, ease of access, and central location. For destination businesses with customers who’d travel the extra distance for them, there is opportunity at West Century Center and 308 North Drake Road. This location, with destination space, affordable rent, and a vibrant retail corridor, offers the best of all worlds.
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  • West Century Center
  • 308 North Drake Road