Portage Shopping District Offers Opportunity

The South Westnedge Avenue retail corridor is a popular shopping destination for Portage, Michigan. For its collective mix of retail and services, the Portage shopping district has created a place where people willingly make a special trip to visit. From Crossroads Mall to Sam’s Retail Development shopping center, hundreds of national and regional retailers exist, combining a variety of products, prices, and services in one place. Opportunity to move to and grow in a thriving retail area is now available.
Join the retail camaraderie, where destination businesses have created a collaborative commerce, drawing shoppers across Kalamazoo County to Portage’s retail corridor. Sam’s Retail Development, just south of Crossroads Mall and next to Sam’s Club, offers one of the last remaining destination locations on South Westnedge Avenue, 4,600 square feet and 10,038 square feet suites available for immediate lease.
Multiple destination businesses in a single location have the advantage of thriving on the strength of a larger market. Sam’s Retail Development, among other shopping centers, has not only the potential to draw in shoppers along the Portage retail corridor, but also from its anchor, Sam’s Club, which draws in approximately 300,000 people per month. Sam’s Club is a textbook example of a destination business. A big-box store’s large and diverse customer base, in and of itself, has the ability to entice its customers to travel greater distances with an intention to make a purchase. Researchers believes “smaller retailers also gravitate toward areas surrounding a destination store in hopes that consumers will filter into their shops as well.” Whether your business is a destination business or not, locating in a retail-concentrated area will help expose your business to a wider audience.
This property is home to ten existing businesses, including Scottrade, Avon, Double Exposure, Virtue Salon, MacKenzie’s Bakery, A Thai Café, The Computer Spa, Bellabay Realty, Sport Clips, and Second Childhood. The building is set on South Westnedge Avenue, facing a large, open parking lot and neighbor, Sam’s Club. The property is located on South Westnedge Avenue, just a third of a mile down from Crossroads Mall and only a mile and a half away from Interstate 94.
PlazaCorp Realty Advisors manages retail centers across Kalamazoo County and Michigan, like Sam’s Retail Development, that have developed into shopping destinations. If you’d like to learn more about this property, click on the link below:
Sam’s Retail Development