Benefit from your biggest competitors

“Why spend the [advertising] money when they’ve already spent it for you?”
Your biggest competitors have already devoted their marketing efforts into driving your target audience to this location, so why not join them? An established location buzzing with a high volume of daily traffic is available in Kalamazoo at West Century Center and across the street at 308 North Drake Road with suites for lease from 1,200 to 11,200 square feet. Here, your business can ride the coattails of major retail players, allowing you to decrease marketing costs, grow your customer base, and enhance your bottom line.
Being near the giants of your industry can make even small businesses seem larger and as viable as they are. Like the expression, “to be the best, you have to beat the best.” The best players of your industry often position their businesses near or next door to one another. It seems unprofitable, but makes sense for their customer base.
For example, auto dealers of differing manufacturers often locate near each other [creating a shopping corridor for cars] since they know that customers shop around when choosing a vehicle.”
Customers want options, and can find that at West Century Center. If a consumer can’t find what they want from one retailer along the West Main Street corridor, they’ll move onto the next. At West Century Center, your business can be the solution for consumers. It will also help create a stronger retail corridor, and a destination for your customer base.
The commercial space available at 308 North Drake Road is an ideal space for a new restaurant or established one looking to expand. This property offers 1,200 square feet, plus 4,700 square feet of former restaurant space complete with inlay ceiling, 20 tons HVAC, 600 amps of electrical, washable walls and ceiling in the former kitchen area, two restrooms, and plumbing upgrades. This location has already become a destination for dining at Thai Cuisine. Returning customers of Thai Cuisine will become potential new customers for your business. The exposure of this location’s storefront and pylon signage will help you to generate a strong customer base as well. This property is advantageous, facing the busiest intersection in the Kalamazoo-Portage market with traffic counts near 68,000 vehicles per day. With three points of access onto Drake Road and one onto West Main (M-43), this location defines convenience and accessibility, making this space favorable for retailers in the food industry.
Make size your ally along this urban business district. These two locations offer a ton of advantages that don’t just measure up in size, but in opportunity as well. Recognize the potential to become a strong competitor at the corner of West Main Street and North Drake Road.