The Depot

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The Depot

Offices - Kalamazoo MI

Built in the mid-1920s, the Depot Building was a long and narrow wood and brick building that was originally a freight office for Grand Trunk Western Railroad. PlazaCorp began renovation on this building during the second half of 2015 and has undergone an intense effort of shoring up the existing wood and brick building, as well as adding a new deck and square footage along the western wall. Many of the building components that were such an intrinsically interesting part of the building and site and remain intact or reused on site. Floors, paving bricks, hardware, and rolling freight doors have all been retained or reused. A newly built entrance replicates the original brick facades along E. Michigan Avenue and E. Water Street, and although new, it looks like it could have been built at the same time as the original building.

The building pays tribute to Kalamazoo’s agricultural and industrial past, having primarily been used to hold and ship Kalamazoo area produce to other regions of the United States. Whereas, this building once was part of shipping things out from Kalamazoo, the new uses are sure to draw people to Kalamazoo.


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