Drawing 300,000 Customers Every 40 Days

Consider the value in a location that entices retailers to relocate from just a mile down the road. This location is growing popular for not only the exposure and traffic activity, but also the customer draw. This location is home to Sam’s Club, capturing shoppers from miles away. Finding an opportunity near Sam’s Club is challenging but available on the last high-exposure parcel in Portage, Michigan at Sam’s Retail Development.
Read on to learn about the heavy draw of customers and businesses occurring at this location.

Strong Regional Draw in Shoppers

According to a survey conducted by The Citizen, Sam’s Club located in Coweta County, Georgia draws in shoppers from an astonishing 29 different counties.
Based on the actual count of auto license tags populating the parking lot of the new Sam’s Club in Coweta County, Georgia, nearly 630 vehicles were reported, with the majority registered under Coweta County (39% of vehicles) and Fayette County (40% of vehicles). The remaining 21% of customers (that really drove up profitability) were pulled in from 27 other counties. As the grand opening for the only Sam’s Club in southwest metro Atlanta, having a large draw from two surrounding counties was highly anticipated, but welcoming customers from 29 counties overall went above and beyond their expectations.
Our 30,000 square-foot shopping center, anchored by Sam’s Club and positioned along Portage’s popular shopping corridor, is highly likely to draw in a large mass of shoppers as well. Kalamazoo County alone offers approximately 239,000 shoppers, whom patronize Portage’s retailers at Sam’s Retail Development. Surrounding counties bring another 292,000 shoppers; a combined 531,000 of potential customers. Statistically, Sam’s Club alone draws in nearly 7,500 customers per day, approximately 300,000 shoppers every 40 days. With the support of Sam’s Club, your next location could potentially capture 300,000 customers each month at Sam’s Retail Development. Even if your business captured just 3% of Sam’s Club visitors, that’s 10,000 customers coming to your business each month – without paying for a single ad. This location, available for immediate occupancy, is a unique opportunity you may not find anywhere else nearby.

Strong Draw in Fresh, New Retail

It is evident that the momentum to expand a business district exists in Portage, along the South Westnedge Avenue shopping corridor. Over just a short period of time, many major retailers have relocated to this area near the Sam’s Retail Development shopping center.

In December 2013, Portage introduced a new 36,000 square-foot Sears Outlet, formally the location of Sam’s Club (which relocated in 2005 next to Sam’s Retail Development).
Around the inception of Sears Outlet, Grand Traverse Pie Company launched, returning the owner to her hometown. “I don’t know if when you live here you realize it, but it has really beautiful energy … I’m really thrilled to be back,” quoted owner, Denise Busley.
In April 2013, the 62,000 square-foot Dunham’s Sports opened, which had also relocated next to Sears Outlet from their former South Westnedge Avenue address just a few miles down the road. “We are excited to be re-opening this bigger and better store in the Portage community,” quoted Chairman and CEO, Jeff Lynn.
The Carillon Centre in Portage, located across South Westnedge Avenue from Sam’s Retail Development, has acquired new retail as well. Motherhood Maternity opened its doors in March 2014, relocated from inside Crossroad’s Mall less than a mile down the road. “They wanted better exposure and easier access for customers,” quoted a member of the Motherhood Maternity development team.