Health Industry Expanding in Portage City Centre

A collective mix of health- and wellness-oriented services uniting in one location is bringing more people of the community into the massive health care system all within Portage’s City Centre limits.

Health providers are broadening access to care in Portage Centre Plaza’s surrounding community. Portage City Centre, a downtown-like community in Portage, Michigan, is home to many essential service providers and retailers, more so among the health and wellness industry. The customer draw and retention that is established by this growing healthcare sector along West Centre Avenue creates a vital location for added health services, such as rehabilitation, chiropractic, dental, or pharmaceutical. Portage Centre Plaza offers the opportunity for similar businesses looking to relocate or expand where their target market already exists. Even if your business is outside the healthcare circuit, this location will provide you with the exposure to an existing customer base – patients whom have other everyday desires that your business could essentially satisfy.

Proven to be popular at a community level are the currently-trending convenient care clinics. In a community that needs “convenient” and affordable healthcare now more than ever, alternative routes for patients, like retail-based health clinics, are thriving. One source stated that “store-based health clinics can help drive additional traffic, which can increase sales of lucrative prescription drugs and other non-health related products.” Walgreens, adjacent to Portage Centre Plaza, remains a potential host for a retail-based health clinic, but the pharmacy alone helps to draw customers to the area.

Acting as anchors for Portage Centre Plaza (while also helping to increase customer draw) are two other popular medical models, Bronson HealthCare Midwest Physical Therapy and Hometown Urgent Care, plus the health center, Anytime Fitness. Other health-related services helping to draw this target market into the area include eye care, home health care, and family health care, which lie within close proximity to the retail center.

The City of Portage shares similar beliefs about the potential here, stating, “access to good health care may be the responsibility of government, but it is also good sense for this healthy community… When it comes to quality of care for citizens, area resources are second to none.” Portage attracts some of the best and brightest in the health care industry, including national leaders like Pfizer and Stryker. Bronson and Borgess also share a presence in the region. “Proudly, Portage residents have access to health care that rivals the best anywhere.”

For some of us, maintaining good health can be stressful – on our diets, our wallets, and our schedules. What can significantly ease that stress is having a location where we can conveniently schedule our appointments while running everyday errands in between. Portage City Centre offers many options that can meet people’s everyday needs on top of their healthcare-related quandaries. This may be the reason why the community seems so lively and integrated here. This location has created a destination for patients seeking health- and wellness-based services in additional to other everyday amenities.

As established businesses continue to draw in repeat-customers to Portage Centre Plaza, surrounding businesses (healthcare-related or not) have the potential to establish a relationship with the loyal customer base growing here. Join the community at Portage Centre Plaza next to three leading health centers (Bronson HealthCare Midwest Physical Therapy, Hometown Urgent Care, and Anytime Fitness), all of which are supported by a healthy, growing customer base.