High-profile location, affordable rent

Two healthy, high-value locations for your business: West Century Center and 308 N. Drake Road
Four Reasons Why They Are:


#1 The Community Profile

Our 3 Mile Radius Synopsis:

  • Median household income up to $110,765 – very strong compared to $48,471 (MI) and $53,046 (US)
  • Population: 61,897
  • Households: 25,293
  • Household Type: 83% Family (872 family vs. 178 single)

41% of population within a 3-mile radius is between the ages of 20-34

  • Educated Youth: college-going community and retained Kalamazoo graduates
  • Potential customers and employees for your business

44,000 students (or hidden customers) in Kalamazoo

  • Western Mich. Univ. (1 mile away from our properties) ranks among US News and World Report’s top national universities
  • Kalamazoo College ranks among the nation’s top 100 liberal arts colleges
  • KVCC enrolls nearly 11,000 more undergraduates than the average college or university annually!



#2 The Proximity to Other National & Regional Retailers

Bigger neighbors bring bigger benefits:

  • Customers are already here, ready to buy: Established tenants have an established customer base, potentially whom will take notice of your business
  • You’ll save on advertising costs: Nearby competitors are already spending dollars on ads to drive your target market to this location
  • You become the solution: Customers who can’t find what they need at nearby retailers will move on to the next, essential you
  • You’ll build credibiltiy: Being among bigger, more recognizable retailers will make even the smallest businesses look large and viable



#3 Signage

Benefits of Pylon Signs:

  • The #1 spot for your business signage is at the top, and #2 is at the bottom
  • Pylon signs are strongly associated with high visibility, monument signs are moderately associated with high visibility, and wall signs contributed to identity but not visibility
  • Pylon signs were also associated with significantly more teller interactions in one study

Signage displayed near the West Main Street and North Drake Road intersection are strategically placed to optimize visibility for all of the tenants at West Century Center and 308 N. Drake Road. Municipalities set different limitations and options on height and size of signage for these two properties, which are split among the Kalamazoo-Oshtemo border. We use to our advantage these options to tailor both displays in the most effective way possible to showcase all of their tenants with maximum visibility.


#4 High Traffic Volume

The highest traffic intersection in Southwest Michigan is at this location, over 68,000 vehicles per day (VPD) and approximately 38,000 VPD just from North Drake Road, due to:

  • the West Main Street-North Drake Road intersection
  • the regional retail corridor along West Main
  • the proximity between WMU and US-131


    The Bottom Line

    One of Kalamazoo’s strongest demographic locations are found within the urban core, which highlights good-quality residential traits and great potential for local businesses.
    The secret to exposure, free advertising, and higher foot traffic for your business can be found in the heart of high-traffic volume and surrounding retailers.

    ”At IHOP, it isn’t just about saving time. The chain used the technology to measure population density and how many homes around a potential location are occupied by families, the restaurant chain’s primary customer base on weekends.
    It also analyzes the demographic makeup and the presence of malls and big-box stores like Lowe’s or Kohl’s (both neighbors of our two properties), since IHOP usually benefits from hungry customers who might emerge after shopping several hours.”

    There are 68,000 reasons to locate your business at this corner (over 68,000 VPD).
    Studies show signage changes led to significant, positive impacts on sales and profits and small, positive impacts on employment.
    West Century Center’s exterior improvements are underway, suiting the façade and signage of this shopping center with the look of brand new shopping centers nationally.
    To learn more about this healthy, high-value location, click on our property links below or call us today.
    West Century Center
    308 N. Drake Road