Phantom Fireworks opens at The Shoppes of Romence Village

The countdown to the Fourth of July celebration of the founding of our nation is on, and Phantom Fireworks, the nation’s premier consumer fireworks retailer, today announced the opening its latest showroom at The Shoppes of Romence Village in Portage, Mich. The Phantom of Kalamazoo/Portage showroom, located at 551 Romence Road, is in the former storefront of Tuesday Morning clothing store.

“We at Phantom always been interested in Kalamazoo,” Phantom director of showroom operations Dan Peart said. “We spent a great deal of time and man-hours last year looking for the right location and we waited until we found the right spot that we felt had great potential, and they welcomed us in as the leading consumer fireworks retailer in the country. We’re happy to be here and look forward to a great Fourth of July season.”

The showroom, which is Phantom’s fifth permanent showroom opened in Michigan this year and seventh since the state voted to allow fireworks in 2012, is approximately 8,000 square feet. It offers the entire line of Phantom, Wolf Pack and Grucci products and features a state-of-the-art alarm system as well as sprinklers and a courteous, knowledgeable staff.

Phantom Fireworks joins D&W, Steinmart, the Secretary of State and other tenants in the shopping center. As of today, there are 47 days left before we celebrate America’s birthday on July 4. Phantom fireworks has a large selection of fireworks including snakes, sparklers, smokebombs, fountains and more. Find out more about their business here.