Portage City Centre Location with Exposure to 46,000+

Portage City Centre, the suburban hub of Portage, Michigan, is also home to businesses of every type. Helping to develop a greater presence in the inner-city is the concentration of municipal offices. For residents, the core of any city is a significant location for the community’s essential services and public safety departments. Businesses like yours located in the surrounding area find they’re in good company as well. Retailers and other service providers who rely on high traffic volume and daily storefront exposure can find that offered at a location like Portage Centre Plaza. Next to public service offices where people constantly come and go daily is this premier retail center.

Opportunity to join this location in the innermost part of the city and municipal heart of Portage is available at Portage Centre Plaza. Across West Centre Avenue and adjacent to traffic flowing to and from City Hall is this four-building, brick development housing various retailers and services.
“Wal-Mart, the world’s largest retailer, always opens a location in the county seat of lightly populated areas due to the sheer regional draw from the boundaries of that municipality. Portage Centre Plaza offers strong residential density, nearby retail density, and the added municipal draw of Portage city offices.” states Jon Jurhs, Director of Leasing and Marketing.

Annual traffic counts throughout the area and over the years prove this location has the density and vitality for a thriving shopping center. Occupied by both the Portage Police Department and Portage Fire Department is Shaver Road. In 2012, 14,388 vehicles were counted in front of both stations, and just south of that, 28,368 vehicles were counted directly in front of Portage Centre Plaza. Perpendicular to this street and directly between Portage Centre Plaza and City Hall is West Centre Avenue, which counted 17,630 vehicles in 2013. Crossing through the area is South Westnedge Avenue, a slower yet busy suburban street running directly in front of City Hall and east of Portage Centre Plaza. In 2013, 10,340 vehicles were counted on this street near the shopping center and in 2014, along the slower curve near City Hall, counted 8,367 vehicles. From any direction near Portage Centre Plaza and the municipal parcel, traffic counts have remained heavy and consistent over time, giving businesses in this location the exposure to an ongoing customer base.
At Portage Centre Plaza, your business can potentially reach the majority of the Portage population – over 46,000 people as of 2014 – and a reliable customer base, year-round. Portage District Library and City Hall, among other neighboring service providers, have an established customer base that your business could potentially tap into and retain year-round as well.
If you’re looking to relocate or expand your business, take advantage of this opportunity at Portage Centre Plaza.