The #1 Reason to Choose Kalamazoo Crossings: Your Competition is Already There

Shopping for retail space? The City of Kalamazoo is evolving and ready for more retail development. Kalamazoo offers a variety of commercial center types, some types growing more popular than others, like the neighborhood shopping center. One existing is Kalamazoo Crossings, bringing convenience and simplicity to consumers in the suburban area.
Retailers have been the main driver for development activity along South Westnedge Avenue at the Whites Road intersection. National retailers like Dunkin’ Donuts, Jimmy John’s, Little Caesars, MetroPCS, Qdoba Mexican Grill, McDonald’s, Taco Bell, and Burger King have developed an appetite for this Kalamazoo location. Retailers make site selection choices based on various reasons, factoring in demographics, disposable income, and traffic count nearby. Yet, the most influential factor may be their proximity to other retailers (who they believe make great site selection choices). “Retailers will often look at how well similar businesses are doing when they consider moving into an area,” stated in The Fresno Bee. “That’s one area where consumers have some say. If you want a certain business to come to town, frequent ones that are similar to it.”
Other factors are charging the flywheel of Kalamazoo Crossings’ momentum. Kalamazoo Crossings offers a closer, more convenient option for consumers traveling to their jobs, heading towards the freeway, or living in the suburban area – over 30% of Kalamazoo’s population is within a 2-mile radius of Kalamazoo Crossings. Here, retailers also benefit from facing the third busiest intersection in the county, with access to over 43,000 vehicles per day. This generates the capacity that its retailers need to survive, and in fact, thrive. Statistics show this neighborhood center’s retailers, Qdoba Mexican Grill and Jimmy John’s, outperforming other locations in their chain, including those in regional centers nationwide. Retail theories claim larger centers have greater drawing capacity and greater benefits. When multiple retailers co-locate, they generate a critical mass and result in successful centers like Kalamazoo Crossings.
Consumers generally attempt to avoid impulse purchases while visiting local retailers. However, statistics show us that on average, shoppers who run out on a “quick trip” will spend 54% more than originally planned. The probability of generating more revenue and forming a more consistent customer base is higher at a location like Kalamazoo Crossings, where retailers appear more convenient and accessible for commuters and neighborhood residents than larger, enclosed centers.
The established retail successes at Kalamazoo Crossings are generating high traffic and outperforming in their chain, defining this site as a progressive and promising location for other retailers to flourish here. With suites readily available for lease, ranging from 1,500 to 7,000 square feet, your business can capitalize on the critical mass momentum that is building at Kalamazoo Crossings.