The ‘Centre’ of Attraction

What attracts you to a place and motivates you to return is your experience and fulfillment. Such centralized places offer enjoyable experiences filled with all kinds of activities and service providers. Places like these continue to draw in people of the community into one location to fulfill their everyday needs.

Portage City Centre is characterized as that central area. Portage City Centre is a common place for residents and visitors to easily access community resources in a friendly atmosphere.
Real estate news outlet,, published a recent article, The Resurgence of Downtowns, stating that “people want to live in the heart of the city.” Portage City Centre lies in the heart of this city, forming the suburb’s central business district. Stated in the article, “as they [Central Business Districts] continue to add more amenities, and more retailers and multi-family developers take note, they [the cities] should only get stronger.”
An inclusive destination where families and individuals are safe and welcome to find what they need in a single location exists within the Portage City Centre community at Portage Centre Plaza. This four-building shopping center is a community in itself. It creates a versatile shopping environment in a convenient setting. Hometown Urgent Care visits can end on a sweeter note at Y’opa Frozen Yogurt. Hitting the gym, tanner, and nail salon all without leaving the shopping center can make for a leisure trip between work and home. Existing businesses have a dynamic way of working together here at Portage Centre Plaza, serving families and individuals in every fundamental way each day. Your business could also go hand-in-hand with other businesses at Portage Centre Plaza and within the Portage City Centre community.

In a downtown-like location, you also offer your customers and employees an engaging place to live, work, and play. The collection of recreation close by and surrounding the city carries a positive energy across the Portage community. Celery Flats and Portage Creek Bicentennial Trail are just two among a growing list of recreation offered just steps away from Portage City Centre and Portage Centre Plaza.
In 2013, collaboration among the Portage City Council and other public organizations helped launch a Portage Top Ten campaign in efforts to promote the city as a great place. Many of these top ten features, which characterize the city of Portage as a dynamic living and working community, heavily exist in Portage City Centre. This reinforces just how valued and appreciated the central community is by advocates who live and do business here.
If you’re interested in learning more about this community or are seeking a location within it, visit the Portage Centre Plaza property page or call us today.