What We Do

Acquisition is central to our developing reimagined places. We seek acquisition of land suitable for strip center development, brownfield redevelopment sites and premium opportunity urban locations, as well as the purchase of distressed loans, properties and projects within Michigan. We have the in-house expertise and knowledgeable third-party relationships that allow us to quickly qualify, put under contract, perform due diligence, and close complicated purchases. Our investors are able to close in cash with no financing contingency required.

We do this work in partnership with communities, businesses and neighborhoods, considering impact and opportunity for all stakeholders.


To make places for people to prosper, we approach each project with thoughtful consideration as to how it will make people feel and interact. Our strip centers and commercial retail properties have high standards for design, surfaces and landscaping. You’ll find brick and stone, wood and stucco, trees and flowers. You’ll see good signage, clean sight lines and attention to detail at every turn.

You’ll also see differences in our marquee renovation and adaptive reuse projects. We don’t just restore, we reimagine. We open up shared spaces and modernize the usability. We enhance the character of brick, metal and wood while respecting its history. These are the kinds of buildings that get people talking and results in word-of-mouth that not only brings people to see, but also serves as a catalyst for momentum and more projects.

Many property developers do not manage their own properties. They outsource not only the care for and maintenance of the buildings, but also the relationships with and needs of the tenants. PlazaCorp manages the buildings we own. Sure, we use contractors for some of the work, but it’s our responsibility, under our supervision, with our reputation and relationship with our customers on the line. The same care and thoughtfulness that goes into creating our buildings goes into caring for the properties and people afterward.